Banned from

Some people ask me why they are kicked and this is the following reason

  • You have to have Vanilla files and decent connection.

What is vanilla files? Vanilla files = the game files Untouched!

  1. “Can I use uncapped FPS?” No you cannot. Uncapped FPS can lead to accelerated animations.
  2. “Can I use Modded FOV?” No you cannot. Modded FOV will give u unfair advantage.
  3. “Can I use Phil’s <<cosmetic only>> or weather, sky mod?” No you cannot. This mod causes the game to lag and there are indications for modded health damages and other parameters.
  4. “My connection is bad and I still want to play”. Fix your connection and then come back.
  5. “I used trainer in the past but now I am clean, can I play?” No you cannot. Find a room with other cheaters like you and play.
  6. “I only use macros, why am I kicked?” Macros destroy the non lethal aspect of the game therefore are banned.

Other reasons to get you kicked

  1. Supporting cheaters,
  2. Ragequitting mid fulton
  3. Killing stunned people
  4. Lagging
  5. Your PC cannot handle the game and you have FPS drops that cause lag.
  6. Spamming
  • Some people say: “I don’t like these rules and is not fair”. If this is what you believe, then you can play in another room with other modders, cheaters and whoever happens to be in. is created to support legit vanilla gaming.

If you have done any of the above but you stopped/fixed it, then you may rejoin the room when server restarts.

If you have been cheating then you have to:

  • Admit the cheats you used
  • Apologize publicly for cheating
  • Provide footage of your clean gameplay

Then you will be allowed back into the server.

Thank you for your support

7 comments to Banned from

  • Pandask7  says:

    Very good explanation and arguments. Nice work!!!!

  • Miss Swan  says:

    Sooo, now I know why i keep getting kicked from the matches. Yes I admit, I DID use the mgo3 trainer hack from psycho or something but that was mooooonths ago. I do not use that anymore because I am better off without it. This is Miss Swan saying sorry for using a trainer in the PAST.

    – – Swan

    • BWolf  says:

      Hey Miss Swan, you lag in a weird way. Check your connection. Try to get constant FPS. Also some people think you use modded FOV and other mods. Would you please record some of your footage? Thank you.

      • Miss Swan  says:

        Yes, I kinda do have a poor connection most of the times so I sometimes lag which I can’t help cause I live in a crowded apartment. I don’t know how to mod FOV or even mod in general. I’m not very tech savvy. I would record gameplay footage but I honestly don’t know how to or what software to use but I’ll try to find something and record it to clear my name.

  • Miss Swan  says: This is the footage that I recorded to prove that I don’t hack. Now it’s up to you guys to make up your minds.

    • BWolf  says:

      Nice gameplay Miss Swan. You indeed do not appear to have any mods or other issues. Thanks for sharing.

  • Zenny  says:

    Do you have a link for uncapped fps speeding up animations? Just for research since this is the first time I’ve heard of this happening

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