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La resistance

Do you need some live support against cheaters?

Would you like to chat with other legit players and share your opinions?

Come and join us at our Steam group “la resistance”

We are counting over 50 members at the moment. There is lots of content inside to help you understand how the cheaters work and how to counter them.

Also you will find invitations to private matches and tutorials.


In order to get in you have to meet the following criteria:

  1. Never cheated in MGO3
  2. Use Vanilla files (Zero mods)
  3. Have a decent connection
  4. Do not support cheaters

If you met the criteria above then ask for an invitation from:



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Greetings to all legit players out there,

It is time for server to go private. This way cheater’s won’t even have the change to join the room. The only enemy of a private room is being empty. If you want to support legit gaming then play on the server and invite your friends. Avoid casual matches infested with cheaters.


How to join the server? You have to add at your friend list. Then click on its name and press: Join game.

Also you have to remove all cheaters from your friends list. Otherwise, they can follow you and join the server. So please help us with that by removing them from your friend’s list. steamid is:

Hats off to those who stay legit and support fair gameplay!


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Modder required for mid match kick

Would you like to help MGO3 survive and stay clean?

If you can mod the game so we can kick cheaters mid match please leave a comment below or send us an email at

Read More Dedicated Server down?

The dedicated Server is down at the moment due to some technical challenges.

We would like to reassure you that we are working on the stability issues and it will be more stable in the future.

The plan is to be online again in 2 days.

Thank you for your support.

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Do you have Footage of Cheaters?

We need footage of cheaters to enrich our database. If you have any material please send it to us


  1. The video has to be clear about the cheat and not too long
  2. Please provide Steam ID of the offender

You can send your material to

Or leave the link as a comment below.

Thank you for your support.

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Banned from

Some people ask me why they are kicked and this is the following reason

  • You have to have Vanilla files and decent connection.

What is vanilla files? Vanilla files = the game files Untouched!

  1. “Can I use uncapped FPS?” No you cannot. Uncapped FPS can lead to accelerated animations.
  2. “Can I use Modded FOV?” No you cannot. Modded FOV will give u unfair advantage.
  3. “Can I use Phil’s <<cosmetic only>> or weather, sky mod?” No you cannot. This mod causes the game to lag and there are indications for modded health damages and other parameters.
  4. “My connection is bad and I still want to play”. Fix your connection and then come back.
  5. “I used trainer in the past but now I am clean, can I play?” No you cannot. Find a room with other cheaters like you and play.
  6. “I only use macros, why am I kicked?” M...
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Dedicated Host is UP!

So the Dedicated Server is up in running however it is still in Experimental Phase

There is no Password and it is free to join for everyone at the moment.

Apologies if server goes down without notice at this period, since we still testing the performance and stability.

If you have been caught cheating in the past don’t wonder why you get kicked.

At this stage we cannot keep the room totally clean from cheaters, due to the kick limitations. The room will be cheater free in the following days when we will move to  phase 2: Server will be Invite Only.


You can post your suggestions and impressions in the comments below.

Thank you for your support!

Read More is born

Welcome to all MGO3 lovers.

This is a website built from MGO3 veteran players to help the game stay alive and thrive! We will focus on the following aspects:

  1. Create a Dedicated Host for MGO3 PC, so we can have a playing experience free of lag, cheaters and modders.
  2. Expose all cheaters in order to keep the game-play fair and competitive.
  3. Organize and present the best fun material and tutorials available.
  4. Create a community where players will have the chance to interact and have fun!

If you are interested in contributing, you can just add a comment below.

Thank you for your participation and contribution.

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