Cheater: Ghost Leader

Ghost Leader or Cheat loser, you decide!

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It is a good chance to add some words on this walking issue. As I understand that the duration of the video may be excesive, this was the fastest way to expose all his hacks. Lemme explain myself. First I gotta count on the fact that you all have already the eyes trained for the game, if I show someone slightly faster than me it means that I’m S speed. I would not show a clip about that while I’m less than S. Second, the alternative would be breaking down some clips, meaning, selecting one or two of each hack, adding a voice over with subtitles, explaining every detail of what is happening, adding slow motion, repeating the clip over and over and finally showing an example of how that situation should have gone without hacks. Ghost Leader has so many hacks that the video edited in that way would have been longer.

So, if you are watching this video and you don’t see why a clip is shown here, you may be missing something. Ask about posting the time code and I’d be glad to detail that clip. Don’t be shy about it, it may be a great opportunity for others to understand how these guys are breaking the game.

On the other hand, I understand that some of you have been talking about Ghost Leader like he is a new legit man. No, he is not, not at all. As of last week he is featuring the same hacks. This is also a bit of a heartbreak for me. I spent a whole week editing this video, if some months later all the matter is gonna be reduced to a simple “he says he is not cheating anymore”… well you are being naive and I lost my time. And more important, you are being fooled.

So, any thoughts about this video… I’m all ears.

Uncle Grendel

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  • BWolf  says:

    Ghost Leader is a quite typical phase of a cheater.
    The guy just could not accept the fact that he had no skills and losing from everyone. He installed the trainer when he just started the game. He used high speed, unimited ammo, no reload, infinite suppressor. The guy had zero skills so everyone used to mock him. Others would just leave him in the room, despite his cheats because he was just dying so easily. At that time you can see Lora’s video:

    Ghost leader kept playing and people started kicking him out of the rooms. He would join mid match and leave at the end to avoid being kicked. Later he discovered that he was hated by most players so he changed his tactic. He tried to hide his hacks as much as possible. He changed to lag switching that it is very hard to detect.

    Some people will defend him now that he is legit. They will say that his connection is not his fault. However they don’t know that connection manipulation is the first and oldest online game cheat? How come he lags when he wants and at the points where it always gives him advantage?Would you trust an ex-cheater right away when he states he is clean? This is like trusting a pedophile with your daughter.

    The issue with this guy is this. He knows he is unwelcome and he just joins to ruin the games for others. The best thing to do against him or other cheaters is the following:
    1) kick if you can
    2) Do not support him. Support the enemy team like below:

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