Cheater: Quienom Snake

Thanks to Uncle Grendel for the awesome video!

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  • Demadunk  says:

    If Quienom Snake is confirmed a cheater, why are they still able to join?

    • BWolf  says:

      Hey Demadunk, we are trying our best but our options are limited.
      We can kick cheaters only during the briefing screen. This cheater along with his other cheater buddy, ghost leader, they join after the briefing ends and leave at the end of the game so they don’t get kicked.
      They count the minutes and join again. Their only purpose and fun in their life is to destroy the game. They gang up with other cheaters like magneto and they join the server in order to discourage our efforts.
      Sometimes we manage to kick them, but sometimes we don’t. If they stay in then we party and we kick their ass anyways.
      If we kick them once, they are kicked for the whole week XD
      We are trying to get a solution for mid match kick. If we ever manage to get this technology, then our room will be properly clean of these pests. Till then thats the best we can do.

      Also I received complaints regarding you killing other people’s stuns. If you see enemies sleeping because some of your teammate stunned them, the proper etiquette is to let them have the kill, unless if they are away.
      Welcome to MGO3 community!

  • Quienom Snakie  says:

    BWolf how can you persist playing legit? How can you beat me and my cheater party so badly? I think its time to activate the speedhack as well buahahahah

    • ♥cry more♥  says:

      lol, Quienom ur a cheater who blaiming everyone in cheating and bad friend btw. Duh

  • Sir Catpain Tom(or Magneto)  says:

    Haha, what to say, Quienom you suck so hard man its unbelievable. I would play legit if I could score a single kill in a match but I am just useless without hacks.
    Plus that’s how I was brought up. Steal and cheat as much as possible if you can get away with it.
    You see I am cheating so hard and still got no ban. When a legit player shows some proof of my cheating, I can just spam hateful comments at them. If things go wrong, I can always make a new account.

  • Sir Catpain Tom(or Magneto)  says:

    We are trying to get a solution for mid match kick.–> You guys are really awesome. Noone else so far did so much to address cheating. Hopefully there will be mid match kick to fight cheaters one day.
    Me and most of the cheaters are salty babies that cannot stand losing. Their brains are only enough to install a mod, the trainer and maybe a lagswitch.

    I wish I had some skills like that or at least a degree so I can follow your example.
    Keep up the good work!

  • Quienom Snakie  says:

    Lol this video, noone gave me so much attention before <3

  • ♥cry more♥  says:

    lol, Quienom ur a cheater who blaiming everyone cheater and bad friend btw. Duh

  • Miss Swan  says:

    Nice editing skills

    • BWolf  says:

      I am limited to these options:
      1) leave cheaters cursing my mother here
      2) delete them
      3) pay back with some trolling
      I believe they deserve the last XD

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