Cheater: Shaner the Gray


Shaner the Gray or Trainer the Gay. Another Cheating scum in MGO3. Kick him out of your rooms immediately. Thanks to Azleft for the nice footage

7 comments to Cheater: Shaner the Gray

  • Senoir El Diablo  says:

    Man every 2nd 3rd game has a cheater ._.
    Ive saw someone uses a sniperrifle like an mini-uzi .

    • Azleft  says:

      my advice is to stay away from automatch, its cheater’s breeding ground. try any match that available on select match. or add on steam and join the private room through friend list.

      to bad newcomer had it rough if they need their ranks up. since it available in automatch only, shame on konami wont do anything to improve user experience in the online part of the game.

  • Miss Swan  says:

    Oooooh my gooooood this dude is sooo annoying. The sad part is he is a shitty player even with the hacks on LOL.

    • Senior El Diablo  says:

      Yea .Im used to make my own room for the last days. Fortunatly I have noted the cheaters you all have listed here and also in the steamgroup (kicked 2 of them 1-2 daily). The cheaters don’t even try to hide ,they think Im not aware xD

      Im not a newcomer *-* I just took a 2 years brake xD (rep2 lvl 32 Sniper).

      My Name is also my steamnickname,so If you wanna play some rounds- add me 🙂
      already ve met BWolf,Ruslanut . Im also in the steamgroup.

  • Tman Hall  says:

    I’ve played with the guy, he’s in my friends list (as an acquaintance), and I know he’s a cheater. He turned his hacks on when he thought another guy was cheating, and proceeded to target the other guy. I still reported him, cheaters are cheaters, although he’s one of few people to actually use voice chat.

    Steam Name: Tman Hall (profile picture the name “Tman” in a warped green font).

    • BoopBip  says:

      > although he’s one of few people to actually use voice chat.

      He’s using voice chat to insult everybody so probably would be better if he could just shut up

  • Azleft  says:

    doesn’t matter. Shaner the grey stil a trash tier player to me. he only use the trainer when he feel another is cheating? what an excuse. thats mean he got his hand on trainer WHOLE TIME he’s playing MGO3 and willing to use it when get salty.

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