Dedicated Server Going Private

Greetings to all legit players out there,

It is time for server to go private. This way cheater’s won’t even have the change to join the room. The only enemy of a private room is being empty. If you want to support legit gaming then play on the server and invite your friends. Avoid casual matches infested with cheaters.


How to join the server? You have to add at your friend list. Then click on its name and press: Join game.

Also you have to remove all cheaters from your friends list. Otherwise, they can follow you and join the server. So please help us with that by removing them from your friend’s list. steamid is:

Hats off to those who stay legit and support fair gameplay!


2 comments to Dedicated Server Going Private

  • i h8 spammers  says:

    Any plans to restrict use of demolition 3 or grenade launchers?

  • BWolf  says:

    We would like to do that in the future. However now there is barely enough legit people to fill
    So we gotta accept the lesser evil to get going.
    Till then, spamming is only frowned upon.

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