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Devoid/Sir Captain Tom/Magneto

Cheater Magneto got really busted and despised by the mgo3 community. So he changed his name to Sir Captain Tom and then Devoid.

Despite his desperate attempts to hide who he really is, here in we remember very well…

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Cheater: Shaner the Gray


Shaner the Gray or Trainer the Gay. Another Cheating scum in MGO3. Kick him out of your rooms immediately. Thanks to Azleft for the nice footage

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Cheater: Quienom Snake

Thanks to Uncle Grendel for the awesome video!

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Cheater: zero1386

Thanks to Azleft for sharing!

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CHEATER and Impersonator: Pennywise

Pennywise is some poor salt dude who doesn’t like to play the game. What he likes is to come and kill rooms. He will join mid match

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Cheater: TweakMyNipples

A really sad case of cheating. He doesn’t try to hide it. He enjoys killing all active rooms in PC.


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Cheater: Ghost Leader

Ghost Leader or Cheat loser, you decide!

Steam Profile:

It is a good chance to add some words on this walking issue. As I understand that the duration of the video may be excesive, this was the fastest way to expose all his hacks. Lemme explain myself. First I gotta count on the fact that you all have already the eyes trained for the game, if I show someone slightly faster than me it means that I’m S speed. I would not show a clip about that while I’m less than S...

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PS4 Cheater Fleuristin

Do you think there is no cheating in MGO3 PS4? Think again …

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Cheater: Magneto

Magneto, Deathstroke, Sir Captain Tom, Black Panther, pls don’t kill me,

many names, same cheater



Steam Profiles:

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