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Devoid/Sir Captain Tom/Magneto

Cheater Magneto got really busted and despised by the mgo3 community. So he changed his name to Sir Captain Tom and then Devoid.

Despite his desperate attempts to hide who he really is, here in we remember very well…

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Cheater: Vegetto/SUB-ZERO

Uncle Grendel has done a very well detailed job to uncover this cheater. It seems that he uses no recoil thinking that he will stay undetected.

Many fake “Pros” have been using no recoil thinking that they will never be exposed. Thanks to Uncle Grendel’s hard work we have another tool to uncover the cheaters.

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Can’t Stop. Non lethal Highlights

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La resistance

Do you need some live support against cheaters?

Would you like to chat with other legit players and share your opinions?

Come and join us at our Steam group “la resistance”

We are counting over 50 members at the moment. There is lots of content inside to help you understand how the cheaters work and how to counter them.

Also you will find invitations to private matches and tutorials.


In order to get in you have to meet the following criteria:

  1. Never cheated in MGO3
  2. Use Vanilla files (Zero mods)
  3. Have a decent connection
  4. Do not support cheaters

If you met the criteria above then ask for an invitation from:



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JAD the Salty Player

JAD, a poor salty macro user who tried to accuse us for cheating. His lies are dispelled Uncle Grendel’s video above. Enjoy!

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Lagswitch/Latency Exploit in MGO3

This is how fake “Pros” are fooling legit players. There are many ways to induce lag in PC and in PS4. Keep your eyes open!

If you find this video useful and informative, please press the like button.

See you in the battlefield!

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Cheater: Shaner the Gray


Shaner the Gray or Trainer the Gay. Another Cheating scum in MGO3. Kick him out of your rooms immediately. Thanks to Azleft for the nice footage

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Greetings to all legit players out there,

It is time for server to go private. This way cheater’s won’t even have the change to join the room. The only enemy of a private room is being empty. If you want to support legit gaming then play on the server and invite your friends. Avoid casual matches infested with cheaters.


How to join the server? You have to add at your friend list. Then click on its name and press: Join game.

Also you have to remove all cheaters from your friends list. Otherwise, they can follow you and join the server. So please help us with that by removing them from your friend’s list. steamid is:

Hats off to those who stay legit and support fair gameplay!


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Cheater: Quienom Snake

Thanks to Uncle Grendel for the awesome video!

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Lagswitcher: Gray Fox


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