Dedicated Host

What is our project of Dedicated Host?

We will devote one PC to Host a room 24/7 for two reasons:

  • Reduced lag

The fact that this PC will do nothing except hosting matches will improve the latency and gameplay.

  • Fight Cheating

Cheating is like a plague for MGO3 PC. There is so many cheaters and modders that we cannot play anymore. The situation is out of hand. Some use lagswitch. Some lag because of their mods. Others use trainer, while others intentionally spread performance changing mods

So while playing anything can happen. For example you shoot somebody and later they kill you out of their grave. Or you cqc somebody and after one second the game shows that actually they have CQC you back. This kills competitive gaming. This is why MGO PC is so empty nowdays.

We want to keep our game fair and alive.

  • Black List

We have already a database of cheaters that will get updated daily. Those are the people that won’t be able to join our rooms. If you have any footage of cheaters please send it to


Thank you for your support.